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Aloha Bling

"Made by Mermaids."

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Company Description

Aloha Bling makes handcrafted ocean-inspired jewelry.

Made by “the mermaids of Aloha,” Aloha Bling handcrafts elegant charm necklaces intended to color your day with rainbows, and spread the spirit of the islands across the world. Aloha Bling strives to create a sustainable business — in their own words, if we can’t spend all of our days in the ocean, then our work can at least be conscious and ethical. As a member of 1% For the Planet, they donate a minimum of 1% of profits to environmental organizations dedicated to saving the oceans, preserving endangered marine life, and cleaning up our beaches. All of the gemstones in their pieces are either grown in crystal labs or recycled and upcycled from vintage and antique jewelry.

Founder Verda Marley, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, lives and breathes the spirit of the sea. A competitive kite surfer, she and her team of ocean-obsessed artisans make each piece from their studio on Maui, surrounded by the bounty of the jungle. Their guiding inspiration: Aloha A’ina, Aloha Kai, Aloha Bling — Love of the Land, Love of the Sea, Love of the Sparkle.

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