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"True European Craftsmanship by Master Artisans"

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Company Description

Belcori makes luxury leather handbags and wallets.

Belcori’s membership to 1% For The Planet means they promise to donate at least one percent of all sales revenue to support good causes. Everything is made entirely in Europe through partnerships with small, family-owned leather-working businesses in Spain and Portugal. Their leather is tanned using metal-free and vegetable processes, meaning the leather not only retains more of its natural character — it also remains fully biodegradable. Leather residue dust from the tanning process is used for fertilizer by local farmers and water is recirculated and reused.

Belcori believes that business is only meaningful if it has a positive impact. They are a member of Common Objective, a fashion industry trade group of businesses working to take sustainable fashion from niche to norm.

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Joachim Delfortrie




Varsseveld, The Netherlands