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Blair Lauren Brown

"Handcrafted Alaskan American Style."

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Company Description

Blair Lauren Brown designs and creates a line of fine jewelry.

Designer Blair Brown was born in Alaska, and her pieces honor a family heritage of jewelry making and the rugged, untamed landscape of her home state. As part of the brand’s efforts to preserve the planet’s wild spaces, all of the materials are sustainably and ethically sourced. All refined metals are certified recycled. Any precious stones are responsibly sourced, Fair Trade, and Kimberly Process Certified. The raw gold comes from family-owned Alaskan mines. Everything is handcrafted in the U.S., and the studio reuses or recycles all scrap materials. All of the packaging — from boxes to plastic — is recycled or reused. Conscious of its carbon footprint, Blair Lauren Brown partners with the Nature Conservancy to make donations to offset its impact.

Blair’s family has a 120-year legacy of making handcrafted jewelry. In the Alaskan gold rush of 1898, her great grandfather James Victor Brown Senior opened a store that sold pure, raw, untouched gold nuggets and played an integral role in defining a uniquely Alaskan style of jewelry. That started a tradition that Blair continues today; now, she’s in the process of building a gold collective with Ethical Metalsmiths to provide full transparency on the mining and extraction process. Among other honors, Blair Lauren Brown is a Certified B Corp, an Eileen Fisher Women in Business Incubator Honoree, Design Entrepreneurs New York Finalist, and LUX 2017 Global Excellence Award winner.

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