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"We believe in mindful, careful consumption."

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Company Description

Elizabeth Suzann designs and produces womenswear basics designed to last.

Founded on a belief in mindful, careful consumption, Elizabeth Suzann works to create season-less garments its customers can mix and match to use for years and years to come. As part of this effort, the company provides a full description of every material it uses, including where and how it’s made, what it’s used for, how to care for it to make it last, and how long it will take for that material to biodegrade. The company produces each of its items to order in-house.

Nashville-based Elizabeth Suzann was founded by Liz Pape, a designer passionate about changing consumer behavior away from the excess she saw in the garment industry. While Pape’s vision was initially met with criticism from major vendors and service providers, it caught on quickly with a broad customer base: in her first year of operation, Pape achieved $1 million in sales through Elizabeth Suzann. 

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