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Nova Octo

"Looking great, doing good, and no one-wear guilt."

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Company Description

Nova Octo is a luxury evening wear rental service.

The Nova Octo mission is to give longevity to beautiful runway looks, and change the traditional cycle of the fashion industry, which sees garments lose their value with every turn of the seasons. The company wants people to be able to look good, feel good, and do good, which is why they donate 15% of the proceeds for every rental to one of their partner charity organizations — shoppers can pick which. Nova Octo chooses organizations are picked based on their proven impact, like the Elephant Crisis Fund, “I Have A Dream” Foundation, Girl Rising, and Global Green. They also contribute monetary donations throughout the year, and offer to dress attendees of charity galas or offer charity fitting experiences.

Norwegian founder Silje Lübbe started the business after talking with friends, and dreaming of a boutique with the best and most beautiful dresses, which could be yours for just as long as you needed them. The online shop allows shoppers to search by size, occasion, or designer, and Nova Octo offers styling services at their NYC showroom. The brand notes that a unique rental model and carefully curated selection of pieces helps shoppers to experiment with fashion and stop feeling guilty for buying a dress they only wear once.

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