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"Pay it back – to our ancestors, to our roots, to all of those who produced us."

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  • Innovate for Public Benefit

    From products to processes, these brands make a positive environmental or social impact.
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    A portion of the brand’s sales goes directly to benefit important causes or support communities.

Company Description

Yolélé grows a gluten-free, African climate-resistant super grain called Fonio.

The company donates 1% of their sales to SOS Sahel (an NGO), which recruits and trains small farmers in West Africa with the mission of equipping them with the ability to attain a higher income, healthier soil, greater opportunities, and healthier communities.

Yolélé helps provide quality of life services like electricity, water, and public gathering places in the villages that grow their grain. They’re working on building the world’s first commercial scale Fonio mill — the goal is to increase African-owned production capabilities and their processing capacity, thereby ensuring more security for their farmers.

Part of their mission involves increasing the demand for Fonio within Africa, to improve food security and decrease the local dependence on imported rice. Their NGO partner, SOS Sahel, is monitoring the per capita income, employment, and productivity within West Africa to ensure Yolélé is meeting its impact goals.

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