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5 Awesome Things Made from Trash (Seriously)

June 22, 2018

If you can’t live a 100% zero-waste lifestyle (kudos to the rare angels who do), why not embrace your inner Trash Queen?

That’s where these eco-conscious designers come in: they’re spinning garbage into gold, making shoes, leggings, and more out of everything from coffee grounds to bottle tops.  

Our top 5 “waste not, want not” must-haves:

Indosole Pantai Travel Shoes
    1. The Pantai Travel Shoes from Bali-based Indosole are 100% handcrafted, with custom-dyed canvas uppers and repurposed soles made from tires. Every year, 1.5 billion tires end up in landfills — where they take thousands of years to decompose — or are burned as cheap-but-toxic fuel. Indosole’s goal is to combat pollution and waste by reusing 1 million tires, sourcing them directly from garages and tire brokers in Indonesia.
Karün Antarctic Sunglasses
    1. This week’s solstice officially marked the beginning of summer, so the right pair of shades is a must. Karün, a Swedish company, uses local surplus waste to create their eyewear collections, like these Antarctic Sunglasses made from 100% recycled fishing nets, discarded and collected along the Chilean coast. Other pieces are made from old or windfallen wood and even vintage jeans!
RAREFORM Weekender Duffle
    1. RAREFORM breathes new life into old billboards by repurposing the vinyl, which otherwise would have been sent to landfills. They use the durable, lightweight material to create a line of chic bags with a Pop Art aesthetic, like their Weekender Duffle bags. The founders were inspired while traveling in South America, where they saw people using old billboards as roofing; now, they repurpose around 20,000 pounds of them a month!
Girlfriend Collective Leggings
    1. Let’s be real: you could always use another pair of stretchy pants. Girlfriend Collective’s rainbow of leggings and sports bras are all made from a unique fabric created out of post-consumer, BPA-free water bottles. They source the bottles from Taiwan, once known as Garbage Island and now a world leader in recycling; after washing, they’re reprocessed into super-fine threads for knitting. We’ve got our eyes on their High-Rise Leggings; designed for all body types.
Bottletop Luciana Enamel
  1. Bottletop started with a single handbag in 2002 and is now a full-on fashion company, turning out impressively innovative and creative pieces. Their signature style — like the Luciana Enamel — is made with hand-crocheted upcycled metal soda tabs, hand-painted with enamel and finished with certified Amazon Zero Deforestation leather. Their flagship store launched in London just last year, featuring an interior made entirely out of 100% recycled plastic.