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"Uniquely crushable."

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Company Description

14er Brewing Company makes quality craft beer.

Founded by two Colorado natives, 14er Brewing Company has one goal: to make innovative, “uniquely crushable” craft beer that celebrates an active lifestyle. However, preserving their brand’s namesakes — Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks — is equally important. Since day one, they’ve pledged 1% of their sales to the Colorado Fourteener Initiative (CFI), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the mountains’ natural integrity through active stewardship and public education. They’re also a proud member of the Brewers Association, a non-profit dedicated to supporting small and independent craft brewers.

Andrew and Nato grew up in Denver and were immersed in the beer community since before they could legally drink — but they didn’t feel like they could really call any of the native Colorado breweries home. What started out as a hobby quickly took shape as the desire to build and bootstrap their own craft beer company. As self-proclaimed weekend warriors, everything finally clicked when they were cycling Independence Pass one morning: name the brewery after the site of their mountain adventures, and create a beer that tasted great and would never slow them down.

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Andrew Kaczmarek and Nato Francescato




Denver, CO, United States