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Company Description

2b Design makes high-end reclaimed home decor.

The 2b Design mission is to restore the unseen beauty of the broken — they do that by molding their business model around empowering people, preserving heritage traditions, and environmental and social responsibility. 2b Design focuses on hiring workers who are disabled, disadvantaged, or marginalized, and then spend years providing them with the training they need to excel as craftspeople. They partner with non-profits and NGOs like Habitat for Humanity, Pine Street Inn, Arc-en-Ciel, Tahaddi, and Community Cooks to support their employees and set them up for success and economic independence.

2b Design’s flagship brand, “Beyt,” means house or home in both Hebrew and Arabic, and speaks to one of the company’s key goals: to build bridges between people of diverse faith, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Five core values inspire that work — compassion, humility, excellence, embracing difference, and integrity. The pieces themselves honor and preserve the disappearing architectural and craft traditions of places like Lebanon — they transform discarded salvage into one-of-a-kind pieces. Over 90% of their materials have been upcycled, giving new life to what would otherwise have ended up on the street or in landfills.

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