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31 Bits

"How it's made matters."



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Company Description

31 Bits sells artisan-made jewelry, accessories, and home goods.

The company aims to use fashion and design to drive positive change in the world. To do it, 31 Bits provides holistic support for its artisans through counseling, health education, testing and treatment services, finance training, and business mentorships, in addition to providing fair wages and safe working conditions. The support, provided in the form of five-year training programs, ultimately serves to establish these artisans for their own entrepreneurial success in the future.

31 Bits’ co-founders were college friends inspired to start their business after witnessing first-hand the conditions in which women their age lived in war-torn Uganda. They got to work studying fashion, marketing, and international development, and founded 31 Bits in collaboration with a group of women artisans in Uganda. The company has since grown and engaged artisan groups around the world, including, most recently, those in Indonesia. Its on-trend designs are also getting noticed: their pieces are seen frequently in fashion publications like Refinery29, Glamour, and InStyle Magazine, adorning celebrities from Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff to Melissa Etheridge and Kathie Lee Gifford.

Price Range

Most <$100


Kallie Thomson, Alli Talley, and Jessie Simonson




Costa Mesa, CA, United States