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Ace Hill Beer

"Quality, simplicity, and good times."

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Company Description

Ace Hill makes high-quality beverages.

The company’s mission is to create amazing products and experiences in order to bring people together to shape our culture. In pursuit of that, and as members of 1% For the Planet, they donate a minimum of 1% of their annual sales to clean water causes like Lake Ontario Waterkeeper — because, in their own words, without good water…there wouldn’t be any good beer! Their small-batch beverages are sustainably produced and sold throughout Canada, and made with natural ingredients. Their facility is dedicated to environmental sustainability, with practices that support water efficiency, energy reduction and recycled packaging. Plus, all of their spent grain and yeast is sold to Ontario farms for use as pig and cow feed.

Ace Hill got started when their co-founder, Blake, started brewing award-winning beer in his garage — at the time, it was just for friends’ weddings and parties. Eventually the whole team came together, founded on the idea that life is about quality, simplicity, and good times. Their name, “Ace Hill,” embodies those values — “Ace” refers to excellence, and “Hill” is a simple, natural form that elevates its surroundings.

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Mike Wagman and Noah Gill




Toronto, ON, Canada