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Aeon Row

“Revived fabrics are better for the planet, period.”



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Company Description

Aeon Row produces simple, essential clothing for women.

Aeon Row’s mission is to create less waste and keep apparel out of landfills.  To do this, the company uses revived and repurposed materials to produce its clothing, and incentivizes buyers to recycle by giving them 15% off purchases for anyone who recycles their old wardrobe as they add to it. In the process, Aeon Row educates its customers on sustainable fashion.

In a 2016 Huffington Post article entitled, ‘One Genius Way to Buy New Clothes Without Overstuffing Your Closet,’ Aeon Row founder Griffin Vanze noted that waste is a scourge of the modern fashion industry, with the average American discarding 70 pounds of clothing a year. “A big part of that comes from fast-fashion companies pushing more products on us,” he said. Aeon Row aims to help reverse this trend through its business model.

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