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Agave Surf

"Agave surfboards, made from renewable, plant-based materials."

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Company Description

Agave Surf builds handcrafted surfboards.

Agave Surf is focused on respecting and honoring both the surfer lifestyle and the environment. In their search for a sustainable alternative to hardwoods, they looked to the Agave plant. It’s used in making both Tequila and Mezcal, and the production process results in a unique byproduct — discarded flower stalks. Agave Surf figured out a way to laminate and treat the discarded stalks to make their bespoke surf boards. As an upcycled, locally sourced material that otherwise would have gone to waste, they’ve found a way to reduce their carbon footprint and create a positive environmental impact.

In 2016, co-founders Nate Headrick and Ian Bryan met at a local coffee shop. After experimenting with agave skateboards, they moved onto the larger surfboards that their company is known for. They have collaborated with a diverse group of talent, including tattoo artists and Growers First, a farmer’s advocacy group that believes that what’s good for a farmer is good for the environment.

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Ian Bryan and Nate Headrick




Laguna Beach, CA, United States