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Alabama Chanin

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Company Description

Alabama Chanin offers a line of women’s clothing and accessories.

Alabama Chanin places a strong emphasis on sustainability and tradition, reinvigorating the fading textile industry of northern Alabama. The family of enterprises includes The School of Making (dedicated to preserving cultural knowledge of textile skills), artisan embroidery services from independent craftspeople, and even a cafe. In 2013, Alabama Chanin launched their machine-sewing plant Building 14 in collaboration with Nest, a nonprofit that works to increase global workforce inclusivity and preserve important cultural traditions around the world. On their website you can follow the complete supply chain of their organic cotton “from seed to fabric”, as it is grown, spun, woven, and dyed all in the USA.

Founder Natalie Chanin, a native of Florence, Alabama, holds a degree in Environmental Design from North Carolina State University. After a varied career in sportswear, styling, and costume design, Chanin became fascinated and devoted to the “living arts” of textile craft in her home town.

Price Range

$20 - 2000


Natalie Chanin




Florence, AL, USA