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"Ride Aluminum, Love Aluminum."

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Company Description

Aluminati makes aluminum skateboards, skate wear, and accessories and specializes in customizable cruisers.

100% of the company’s skateboards are made from recycled aircraft aluminum, which is durable and easier to repurpose down the line. Each board is made to order and assembled entirely within their California facility, reducing their overall carbon footprint. As a member of the 1% For The Planet, they’ve pledged to donate a minimum of 1% of their total annual profits to nonprofits focused on environmental and sustainability issues.

Founder Scott Rapport took his family aluminum business in a new direction when he created the original cruiser board design and kicked off Aluminati. His goal was to offer a U.S.-made alternative to a market dominated by plastic boards made in China. They continue to develop new designs and collaborations, in addition to their customizable boards.

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Corona, CA, United States