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Amy’s Kitchen

"We love to cook for you."

Amy's Kitchen Organic, Vegetarian, Convenience Foods Amy's Kitchen Organic, Vegetarian, Convenience Foods


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Company Description

Amy’s Kitchen is a frozen and convenience food company, selling organic, non-GMO vegetarian options ranging from pot pies and pizzas to soups and candies.

The company is knowns as a pioneer in the organic food industry, has been a long-time supporter of consumer transparency initiatives, including GMO food labeling, and was first to the market with non-BPA-lined cans. Amy’s Kitchen works closely with its farmers to ensure not only high-quality product, but also healthy working conditions: it ensures all employees working in the fields are ergonomically fit, and that they have access to health care. Once the company learned that many farmers were not seeking medical attention due to language barriers, costs, and fear of missing work, the company on-site, bilingual Health Centers for all employees and their families. Amy’s Kitchen is also actively involved in the communities in which it works: it donates more than $1 million in products to local food banks each year, and provides higher education scholarships for employees’ children who qualify.

Amy’s Kitchen founders Andy and Rachel Berliner started Amy’s out of their kitchen after discovering there were no good ready-made, vegetarian food options on the market. They started making and selling organic, vegetarian pot pies at local food markets, and soon received overwhelmingly positive feedback – and requests for more foods. The company now offers 250+ foods in their line. The company is still growing: in 2015, it opened its first restaurant, Amy’s Drive Thru. By 2017, the company was set to open six more across the state of California. All Amy’s foods are made from scratch in the United States.

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Andy Berliner and Rachel Berliner




Petaluma, CA, United States