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"Organic cotton totes, sustainably made in San Francisco."

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Company Description

Aplat sells a line of cotton totes designed to carry food of all shapes and sizes, wine, bouquets, and more with ease.

The bags Aplat makes are designed to help people shop for, prepare, and enjoy food — their mission is to deliver a meaningful experience around sharing meals together that’s sustainable from farm-to-factory-to-table. All of their totes are carefully cut to use 100% of the fabric and significantly reduce the waste of raw materials. They’re made using sustainable, environmentally friendly fibers like organic cotton and and surplus denim. Each bag is reusable and washable, handily replacing single-use options like plastic bags. Aplat is committed to using local resources and labor, and eschews wasteful packaging or unnecessary plastic hardware.

Founder Shujan Bertrand had her “a-ha” moment in 2014, when she was buying flowers for a friend and wished there were a more elegant, sustainable alternative to the cellophane they came wrapped in. With a career in industrial design and a passion for the environment, the Aplat totes are the apotheosis of Bertrand’s diverse interests and multi-cultural background. Their design is inspired by the paper-folding art of origami, and the mathematical principle of the golden rectangle. Their highly-engineered shapes create ample volume with few resources, and are made to last for generations in pursuit of embracing a zero-waste lifestyle.

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