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"Fashion with Integrity."

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Company Description

British company ASOS creates clothing, accessories, and body and home goods for twenty-something women and men.

Following a mantra of “Fashion with Integrity,” ASOS works diligently to ensure it is transparent with customers and partners alike, with the goal of proactively reducing the fashion industry’s impact on people, animals, and the environment. The company is one of the few fashion houses in the world to provide a full factory list, complete with names and addresses. ASOS also publishes an annual integrity report, in which it provides data on progress to date and outlines future goals across its environmental and social integrity initiatives, including even better supply chain transparency, and the eradication of child and slave labor.

With a name that stands for “as seen on screen,” ASOS aims to reach modern twenty-somethings with products that allow for self-expression free from judgment. The company offers its brands in more than 30 sizes – all at the same price – and partners with GLAAD, a leading voice in the LGBTQ activist community, to develop gender-neutral clothing. It also works with more than 200 models, never digitally re-touching their photos, in an effort to promote body positivity. The company embraces and works to support up-and-coming young design talent with its annual competition seeking out entrepreneurial young brands of the future – two winners of which receive a £50,000 investment and mentoring from ASOS experts, plus the opportunity to sell their collections on ASOS for two seasons.

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