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Company Description

Avasol makes premium natural skin and sun care products.

Avasol is a purpose-driven company — they believe in creating significant social, economic, and environmental impact through sustainable and responsible corporate behavior. With that goal in mind, they make their skin and sun care products using eco-friendly and socially-conscious methods. According to the brand, they don’t do the “greenwashing” that other companies do — all of their ingredients are as clean and simple as they say they are, and there’s a full breakdown of each of them on their website. Every part of the production process is closely monitored, from growing the ingredients through to distribution, and the products are cruelty-free. The Avasol packaging is plastic-free, bio-based, and made from sustainable materials, and some of their containers are refillable, too.

Avasol was founded in 2010 by Chris Wilkinson, when he discovered that many “natural” sunscreens seemed to do more harm than good. He couldn’t find a product that was effective, pleasant to use, natural, and sustainable, so he made his own. Their sun protectant comes in a stick and lotion form, both made with natural oils, waxes, and minerals. Each product is available in a light, tan, or dark shade, to help them effortlessly blend with any skin tone. The name “Avasol”  is a combination of the Samoan words “ava,” meaning respect, and “sol,” the word for the sun — or, in other words, “respect the sun”!

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