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"Bean the change."

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Company Description

Beanfields Snacks produces tortilla chips from beans and rice. All Beanfields products are gluten free, non-GMO, vegan, and food-allergy friendly.

Founded on a mission to do away with over-processed snack-foods, Beanfields Snacks replaced corn with beans for its chips, making their product gluten- and allergen-free. The company notes that beans are a sustainable crop, as they require less water and improve overall soil health, as compared with corn and soy. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Beanfields is passionate about supporting the development of its local community. The company currently donates 1% of its sales to Los Angeles non-profit Homeboy Industries, which provides a variety of rehabilitation services and training programs to high-risk, previously-gang-affiliated, and formerly-incarcerated men and women. All Beanfields Snacks are made in the United States.

Beanfields believes that small changes can have a big impact. The company started in its founders’ family kitchen as an experiment in making bean-based chips. The company is now thriving, and hired as its new CEO Mark Rampolla, who is known for having founded Zico coconut water. The company has since attracted significant investments, using an unusual model: all new investors must agree to donate between 10-50% of their gains to Homeboy Industries. Beanfields Snacks’ ultimate goal? To rival – and surpass – the likes of Doritos in the snack-foods aisle.

Price Range

<$5 for single bags; $20 per six-pack


Reed Glidden, Liza Braude-Glidden, and Roy Glidden




Los Angeles, CA, United States