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“To redefine the craft and character of ‘made in India.’”



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Company Description

behno, based in New York, sells high-end apparel and accessories manufactured in India.

At the core of behno’s business is a commitment to changing the way workers are treated, viewed, and employed throughout India’s garment trade. To that end, the company partnered with a large nonprofit organization to build a new garment factory in Gujarat, India. Called MSA Ethos, the factory operates according to “The behno Standard,” which aims to improve the quality of life and safety of garment workers across six areas, including health, women’s rights, and eco-consciousness.

behno’s founder, Shivam Punjya, recently invited photographer Dan Smith and documentary filmmaker Ken Mathews to tour MSA Ethos. A collection of powerful worker portraits and a documentary film came out as a result of the visit, helping behno shine a light on what it calls “the less visible side of fashion.”


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