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“Inspire better ways to carry.”

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Company Description

Bellroy is an Australian company that got their start designing sleek and compact leather wallets, having since expanded their collection to include bags, laptop, phone and key cases.

Informed by “cradle-to-cradle” design, Bellroy reduces waste by creating products that are made to last, and backing that claim with a three-year warranty. Bellroy is also committed to understanding their impact and actively taking steps to reduce it, using toxin-free packaging and biodegradable materials whenever possible. The company donates 1% of sales to Effective Altruist organizations.

Bellroy collections have been a hit with reviewers. The company was featured in 2017 as Business Insider’s “Best Men’s Wallet Overall,” and Bellroy’s new backpack line was described by Gizmodo as “something you could wear with a suit and not look like that guy wearing a pair of bright white sneakers beneath his dress pants.”

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Melbourne, Australia