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Company Description

New York-based BENNISON produces handmade pajamas for infants and children.

In 2016 the company launched its award-winning Baby Care Wear program: each pair of donated pajamas is packed in biodegradable soap paper. That paper can be torn up and dropped into a bucket of water to help keep the pajamas clean and germ-free. Additionally, a portion of the sale of every BENNISON product goes toward collecting and distributing pajamas to children in need around the world, and to funding specific projects in maternal and children’s health.

BENNISON was born out of founder Sarah Bennison Machiel’s experience working with a health clinic in East Africa, where sick newborns often struggled to regulate their body temperature. What began as a drive to collect footed pajamas to distribute in places without advanced medical supplies has since become a global enterprise, with coverage in publications like Redbook and Baby & Me.


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New York, NY, United States