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Better World Fashion

“Change the garment, not the wardrobe.”

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Company Description

Better World Fashion (BWF) makes and leases or sells leather jackets and bags using upcycled or repurposed materials.

BWF aims to be the most resource-efficient fashion brand in the world. The company uses only second-generation materials, including reused leather, plastics, and metals. BWF disassembles and re-works each pre-owned jacket – including washing the leather in sawdust, and hand-placing each pattern – to produce one-of-a-kind garments. The company operates on a circular business model: customers receive a 50% discount on new jackets for every old jacket they return. Customers can also lease a jacket from BWF for a monthly fee. BWF also uses sustainable processes throughout production and sales, including the use of “trash-free packaging” for shipped orders.

Denmark-based BWF was included on B Lab’s 2017 “Best for the World” list of companies leading the way in sustainable practices. They are the first Danish company to receive this recognition.

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Karsten Lund, Kresten Thomsen, and Reimer Ivang




Aalborg, Denmark