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Beyond Meat

“The future of protein.™”

Beyond Meat is available in grocery store meat counters Beyond Meat is available in grocery store meat counters


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Company Description

Beyond Meat is a vegan, plant-based meat alternative company known for producing burgers and sausages that look and taste like meat. All Beyond products are non-GMO, and soy- and gluten-free.

Beyond Meat was founded on a mission to create mass-market products that “perfectly” replace animal protein with plant protein. In doing so, the company aims to improve human health, have a positive impact on climate change, conserve natural resources and respect animal welfare. Beyond’s efforts to make its products accessible to the public – and educate them on the benefits of replacing animal proteins with plant proteins – extends to its marketing and sales process. Its hamburgers, which look almost identical to beef burgers, are sold in grocery store meat counters and on restaurant menus right next to their beef-based counterparts.

Beyond Meat is one of the very first companies to market with meat alternative products designed to taste and cook like animal protein products. The company’s products, provide 16-20 grams of plant-based protein per serving. Beyond uses beet juice to make its products “bleed,” providing sensory cues to which non-vegan customers are accustomed (and typically crave). The company’s products are catching the eye of customers – and investors: it closed a $55 million round of fundraising in December 2017. Beyond Meat counts among its star-studded investors former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, business luminary Jack Welch, Honest Tea founder Seth Goldman, and actress Candice Bergen.

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