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Big Tree Farms

"Rooted in goodness."

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Company Description

Big Tree Farms makes unique coconut- and cacao-based pantry staples.

Big Tree Farms partners with 14,000 farm partners across the archipelago to grow crops safely and holistically, and provide a sustainable economy and environment. Before their involvement, years of commercial farm culture in Indonesia had nearly eradicated traditional techniques, wreaking havoc on local biodiversity and soil health. Big Tree Farm was the first company in the world to produce a truly raw, cold-processed organic cacao powder and butter, and they were also the first to introduce the world to organic coconut sugar and nectar. All of their products are Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan, and they’re also highly nutritious — coconut sweeteners have a very low glycemic index number.

As a vertically-integrated impact brand, Big Tree Farms is able to control the entire process from the ground up. They’re careful to acknowledge that the definition of sustainable is subjective — for them, it means a continual cycle of iteration, assessment, and improvement, as an ongoing process of self-reflection. From the soil they nurture to the trees they plant, their unique bamboo office building and their efforts to produce home compostable packaging, they strive to find new ways to improve the planet — just a few of the efforts they detail in full on their website.

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