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BioLite clean efficient energy for camping and the energy-starved BioLite clean efficient energy for camping and the energy-starved


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Company Description

BioLite creates durable cooking, charging, and lighting goods for those who live or play off the grid.

BioLite’s mission is to provide anyone, anywhere with access to affordable, clean energy. The company’s products are designed to serve two distinct markets: (1) off-grid households in emerging markets, and (2) outdoor recreation users seeking fuel-independent cooking and charging tools. BioLite’s award-winning innovations aim to eliminate the health and environmental hazards associated with open-fire cooking, serve the growing off-grid mobile phone markets in need of a charge, and promote economic advancements associated with providing light to those who go without. The company adjusts pricing by as much as 35% according to market to help ensure its products are affordable to each of its customer bases. BioLite notes that a portion of every sale it makes gets re-invested into its work bringing clean cooking and energy to families across India and sub-Saharan Africa. To date, the company calculates it has reached nearly 300,000 people with its innovations, generating more than 130 million Wh of electricity, and offsetting nearly 170,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

BioLite’s founders met at a design consultancy in New York, quickly bonded over their desire to find a clean, efficient campstove – and ended up designing one together. They soon learned that half the planet lives in energy poverty, and that 4 million premature deaths occur each year due to open-fire cooking. Armed with that information, they set about creating a company to address these issues. BioLite has continued to create new, clean, energy-efficient solutions, often working feedback from rural farmers and avid campers alike into its prototyping and final product shipments. The company’s innovations have gained notice around the world – including for its technology and innovation at the United Nations, and for its social and environmental impact by top lifestyle, outdoors, environmental, and business publications.

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Alexander Drummond and Jonathan Cedar




Brooklyn, NY, United States