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"Connecting women, from worker to wearer."

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Company Description

Birdsong makes modern women’s clothing.

Their mission is to connect women to each other and revolutionize the way they dress. An estimated 60M women worldwide under the age of 35 work in the garment industry for less than minimum wage — and yet, there’s no transparency around this within fashion. Seeking an alternative, Birdsong chose to work exclusively with women’s groups and charities to produce their clothing. Why? Since 2010, 92% of women’s organizations in the UK faced funding cuts; there was a problem to solve and a need to fill, and thus Birdsong was born. Those groups include the Bradbury Centre and Knit & Natter group, for knitwear; Mohila Creations, for hand-painted details; and Heba, where migrant and refugee seamstresses hand cut, sew, and finish the garments. The women they employ are paid a living London wage and receive holistic support from the company.

Co-founders Sophie and Sarah want to use fashion to celebrate our bodies, and honor the labor that goes into creating each piece. Birdsong promises certainty about the provenance of their garments — they know their makers personally, and regularly share their stories over social media. They also hope their brand can serve to inspire women to feel good in their own skin — in an industry addicted to Photoshop and filters, Birdsong aims to be an ethical fashion brand championing women, from workers to wearers.

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Sarah Beckett and Sophie Slater




London, England, UK