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Black Koa

"Be Strong, Stay Humble, and Live Pono!"

Black Koa Surfboards Hawaii Indigenous Good Companies Black Koa Surfboards Hawaii Indigenous Good Companies


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Company Description

Black Koa sells traditionally crafted surfboards and a variety of surf gear and accessories.

They are a family business dedicated to maintaining traditional Hawaiian methods for making surfboards. Every one of their handcrafted wooden surfboards is free of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Black Koa works to conserve the native Hawaiian trees they use for materials, and leads programs teaching Indigenous youth how to plant the trees and understand local ecology and sustainability issues. As a member of the 1% For The Planet network they donate a minimum of 1 percent of their total profits to environmental organizations.

As an Indigenous Hawaiian, Pua Ishibashi founded the company in line with his community’s values. Koa comes from the ancient Hawaiian term for warrior, and black is a color associated with Lono, a deity associated with rainfall, agriculture, and fertility. Each board is created by the master carver Tom Pōhaku Stone, who comes from a lineage of carvers that traces back to the original Hawaiian surfers, and was a notable professional surfer himself in the 1970s. “Live Pono,” the company’s motto, refers to leading a life that is righteous and balanced.

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Hilo, HI, United States