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BlueAvocado Co.

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Company Description

BlueAvocado makes reusable zip-up bags that encourage recycling and help to de-clutter the lives of their consumers along with the planet.

The bags themselves are made from upcycled materials, partnerships with recycling powerhouses like Terracycle and Repreve have allowed them to reuse 5 million plastic bottles for their products as of 2017. While they are meant to last, the company also has a take-back program that incentivizes customers to send back old bags to be made new again. BlueAvocado has also partnered with organizations to invest 1% of sales in providing micro-loans to end the cycle of poverty.

With a varied line for every need imaginable, BlueAvocado is committed to having an impact on the millions of pounds of plastic wasted every year. The Creative Kitchen raved about the bags, calling them “thoughtful designs and creative solutions for disposable products.”

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Paige Davis, Amy George and Melissa Nathan




Austin, TX, United States