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Bluer Denim

“100% transparently made and sourced in America.”



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Company Description

Bluer Denim sells denim jeans, shirts and jackets for women and men.

For every pair of jeans purchased, Bluer Denim will buy back a used pair for $5 and deliver them to someone in need. In addition to incentivizing customers to recycle their old jeans, the company is committed to supply-chain transparency. Every element is made or sourced in the U.S.A.:  cotton grown in Georgia, fabric woven in North Carolina, rivets forged in Kentucky, designs executed at company headquarters in Portland, and manufactured at a factory in Los Angeles.

Bluer Denim derives its name from a Japanese saying, “Bluer than Indigo,” meaning, “the student has surpassed the teacher.” The four-year-old company has already garnered attention for its products, which, by virtue of selling directly online, are priced lower than many imports.


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Jeffrey Todd Shafer




Portland, OR, United States