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Company Description

Bogobrush designs sleek, contemporary toothbrushes and matching stands.

Manufactured in the U.S., Bogobrushes are made from recycled (and recyclable) plastic, as well as a plant-based bioplastic that is biodegradable and can be composted when it wears out. For every toothbrush purchased, one is given to someone in need through partner healthcare and low-cost or free dental clinics around the country.

The children of a dentist, brother-and-sister co-founders Heather and John McDougall wanted to use their experience in law (Heather) and design (John) to create products with environmental and social value. The original Bogobrush, launched in 2012, was made in part from bamboo, but after running into serious production issues with it, the McDougall siblings went back to the drawing board. They re-designed their toothbrush shafts to use only flaxseed-oil bioplastic from Michigan farms – which also allowed the company to shift production from overseas to the U.S. entirely.


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Heather McDougall and John McDougall




Detroit, MI, United States