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"A Simple Revolution in Women's Clothing"

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Company Description

Bohemian Folk Clothing is an independent Chicago-based fashion label specializing in women’s apparel and activewear.

They embody the principles of slow fashion in their production, sourcing their materials from organic cotton producers, and Fair Trade hemp growers emphasizing regenerative agriculture. Bohemian Folk’s clothes are made with low impact, non-toxic dyes, which bond more directly with the fibers and reduce runoff of wastewater. As a member of the 1% For The Planet network they donate a minimum of 1% of their annual sales to nonprofit partners supporting the environment.

Leslie Navia began the company as a mother with a well worn sewing machine and dying tub, drawing on the energy of her four children who were constantly underfoot. She started it in the DIY spirit of proving that “back to the basics” means more than minimalism, but also a return to more ecologically friendly practices. One “simple” manifesto later, the company continues to grow at its own, sustainable pace.

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Chicago, IL, United States