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Company Description

London-based Bottletop sells handbags and accessories.

The brand funds the Bottletop Foundation, which started in 2002 with a handbag made of recycled bottle tops in Africa and lined with leather in Europe. The bag was so popular that sales boosted local employment in Africa and generated funds for grassroots education projects there. Bottletop’s innovative, upcycled creativity and artist collaborations have continued, and now support artisans and their families in Brazil, as well as youth education in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Brazil, and the U.K.

Bottletop started as a collaboration between Cameron Saul and his father, the founder of the British luxury brand Mulberry. The fashion company launched in 2012, 10 years after the establishment of the Bottletop Foundation. In November 2017, Bottletop will open its flagship store in London. The store’s interior will be made entirely of 100% recycled plastic, printed by robots.

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Oliver Wayman and Cameron Saul




London, United Kingdom