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Company Description

Bramble designs camp towels, packs, and bags inspired by North America’s wild places.

Their designs are reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest Canyonlands, and the California coast. 5% of Bramble’s profits go towards conservation efforts to preserve North America’s wilderness. They’re also members of the 1% For the Planet community, and run an affiliate program to collaborate with activists and environmental groups.

Co-founders Trevor and Ken met in college and became best friends and fellow adventurers, spending their free time rafting, camping and hiking through the wild. When they noticed they couldn’t find quality gear designed not only to explore, but also to protect the natural landscape they loved, they decided to do something about it. Since launching, they’ve been named one of Outside magazine’s top 5 startups.

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Ken Voeller and Trevor Cobb




Oakland, CA, United States