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"Nets to Decks."

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Company Description

Bureo designs and manufactures skateboards and related lifestyle items, including clothing and accessories.

The company aims to find innovative solutions to prevent ocean plastics, and inspire others to protect our oceans. Net Positiva, Bureo’s recycling program, drives the business: the company provides fishing net collection points across Chile, plus financial incentives and support to participating communities. Once collected, the fishing nets are washed and sorted, melted down, chopped into pellets, and re-cast to form Bureo’s skateboards, surfboard fins, and other products. To date, the company has recycled more than 80,000 kilograms (176,369 pounds) of discarded materials through the program. Bureo states that each skateboard keeps about 30 feet of plastic fish nets out of the oceans.

Bureo’s founders share a passion for surfing and the environment. The company partners with select groups and individuals to continue protecting oceans, and educating others about oceanic preservation. Most recently, the company partnered with the creators of the board game Jenga, to create a special edition of the game, “Ocean Jenga,” complete with new rules to help educate players on oceanic issues, and game pieces made entirely of recycled fishing nets. Each game piece, designed by surfer and artist Lake Buckley, features a threatened marine animal. According to Bureo, each game set helps keep 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of used fish nets out of the oceans.

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