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Company Description

Café do Paraíso sells coffee from around the globe, by the bag or by subscription.

For every pound sold, they donate $1 — half of their donations go to education-focused non-profits in the U.S., and half go to those based in the coffee’s country of origin. On a mission to be the most transparent and environmentally sustainable coffee company in the world, Café do Paraíso vets all of its sources to ensure they meet its ethics and sustainability criteria.

Each of the company’s partner farms uses some combination of Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and other sustainable and ethical processes. The company’s mission extends to its packaging: it uses Pacific Bag Inc.’s Biotrē Film bags which are made from 60% biodegradable materials and 40% lower-impact engineered polyethylene (PE) plastic. As a member of 1% for the Planet, Café do Paraíso also donates 1% of their revenues to environmentally-focused initiatives.

They roast their beans by hand, and to ensure fresh coffee is delivered to each of their customers, the company bags and ships their beans within 24 hours. Each bag delivered includes a “roasted on” date and the name of the person who roasted it.

Café do Paraíso’s beans are available for purchase via its online shop.

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