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California Baby

"Trusted since 1995."

California Baby® Baby Skincare Skin Care Good Companies California Baby® Baby Skincare Skin Care Good Companies


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Company Description

California Baby® produces skincare products, designed for children and babies.

Founded on a mission to produce the most innovative, purest, and safest skincare available today, the company is committed to creating low- and no-allergen products. Now the leader in allergen-free baby products – and a leading competitor to The Honest Co. – the company provides a full list of allergens and other potentially harmful chemicals not included in each product, testing certification descriptions, and full ingredient lists (including clearly labeling organic ingredients used).

California Baby® founder Jessica Iclisoy appears to run her business on a “find a way or make one” philosophy: she founded the company after finding there were no baby care products on the market with zero carcinogen content. When she couldn’t find a supplier of organic calendula – a key ingredient in many of her products – she purchased a farm and soon California Baby® was in the organic calendula farming business. The company has since built an FDA-certified factory in Los Angeles to control production more closely. California Baby® claims credit for inspiring Whole Foods to create a baby care department, and states they were the first plant-based brand in the natural personal care industry to be made available to the mass market in Target stores.

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Jessica Iclisoy




Los Angeles, CA, United States