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Chapul, LLC

"A significantly smaller water footprint."

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Company Description

Chapul makes energy bars, flour, and protein powders from crickets.

Founded on a mission to introduce edible insects into Western cuisine as a healthy and sustainable protein, the company was the first to launch an insect-protein product in the US. Dedicated to preserving the planet and its resources for future generations, Chapul opted to become a member of 1% for the Planet, donating one percent of their sales to environmentally-focused non-profits. Its products are inherently environmentally sustainable, as crickets require just a fraction of the resources that traditional livestock do, and can be more efficient to raise than substitutes like corn, soy, and rice.

Founder Pat Crowley was inspired to develop a protein source that used less water and land than the crops he had seen dry up huge portions of the Colorado River. He identified an opportunity to help address this issue after learning that 60% of the world consumes crickets and other edible insects as a source of protein, iron, and vitamin B12.

He is now determined to educate the U.S. market, in particular, on the environmental and health benefits of consuming edible insects. Ultimately, he hopes to do away with the stigma surrounding edible insects, a psychological hurdle he believes is the prime culprit in preventing their inclusion in mainstream U.S. diets to date.

Chapul products are available via the company’s website and in retailers across the U.S.

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