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Company Description

Christy Dawn designs and creates a line of vintage-inspired women’s dresses.

The company’s pieces are meant to be both nostalgic and practical — in the company’s words, they’re a part of the environmental solution, not the problem. How? By using nothing but deadstock to make their clothes. Deadstock is the residual fabric leftover from major fashion houses; rather than ending up in landfills, Christy Dawn ensures these scraps get a second life. The business is also committed to its seamstresses, all of whom receive competitive wages and health benefits.

Lead design (and founder), the eponymous Christy Dawn was born in California, and is dedicated to designing the types of clothing she herself would want to wear. She’s particularly drawn to vintage styles, because, in her words, there’s something honest about them — something timeless, something beyond the fabric to hold on to. Each piece is sewed in limited numbers, and is handmade in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles, CA, United States