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"Adventure made simple."

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Company Description

Cnoc Outdoors sells hiking gear.

Cnoc Outdoors makes innovative gear for outdoor enthusiasts that’s light, functional, and affordable. They’re proud to be a member of 1% For the Planet, through which they donate to the work being done by environmental organizations like the Pacific Coast Trail Association, Pacific Northwest Trail Association, and the Oregon Natural Desert Association; they’re also Friends of the Columbia Gorge. Conscious of their impact on the earth, they make their trekking poles and water sacs without the use of BPA.

Founder Gilad Nachmani was an avid adventurer with a day job in the outdoors industry, all of which exposed him to a ton of gear — none of which seemed to completely fit the bill. Over and over again, he found himself having to choose between expensive light gear, or cheaper-but-heavier options. He decided to make his own, which is how Cnoc Outdoors came to be. Pronounced “K’nok,” the name means hill or mount in Gaelic and old Irish.

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Portland, OR, United States