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Cole + Parker

“Style, coolness, and a social conscience.”



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Company Description

Cole + Parker makes bold, graphically patterned socks for men.

The Canada-based company has partnered with Kiva, one of the world’s largest microfinance organizations, to put a portion (some reports say as much as 20%) of proceeds to work supporting striving entrepreneurs worldwide. Through Cole + Parker’s “One for Many” business model, Kiva receives funds to lend to entrepreneurs in poverty, like Victor Manuel, a Colombian farmer who got $325 to save his plantain crop.

As of 2017, Cole + Parker has funded 415 loans in nine countries. As company co-founder Diane Charabin told Ecouterre, the practice “creates a sustainable loop, where one pair of socks can technically fund multiple startups in the developing world.”

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada