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Comte Delavie

"Pleasure and sharing with the aim of contributing."

Comte Delavie Comte Delavie


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Company Description

Comte Delavie offers Brut champagne in four varieties: Prestige, Nature, Rosé, and Blanc de Blancs.

The company was founded on a mission to combine luxury with support for animal and environmental preservation. To do that, Comte Delavie donates 30% of its profits to organizations focused on related causes. The company states that it vets each beneficiary organization for efficiency and transparency. Specific causes include biodiversity preservation biodiversity; effective and equitable natural resource management; and the expansion of natural solutions to combat climate changes, address food security, and support economic and social development. The company works hard to manage its own environmental impact: Comte Delavie was the first champagne to be awarded a zero-carbon label.

Created by the esteemed Maison Drappier winemakers, Comte Delavie aims to encourage social consciousness while helping to celebrate life. The company plans to launch a “Toast for the Planet” program, which it says will help customers ensure that every celebration serves “a bigger purpose.” The company is gaining recognition as a luxury, charitable brand in the meantime: in July 2017, a Malchizedek-sized bottle (40 standard bottles’ worth) of its champagne sold for $150,000 at auction to benefit causes supported by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

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Maison Drappier


Paris, Île-de-France, France