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Company Description

Coyuchi sells bedding, bath textiles, and other home goods.

Coyuchi is committed to making minimally processed, organic, and natural textiles.From where the fiber is produced to how the end product is made, Coyuchi looks at the full lifecycle of an item. They’ve created a circular subscription program — when you’re ready for new linens, send yours back and they’ll renew, up-cycle, or recycle them. They engineered a zero waste water recycling method. They partner with fabric mills and workshops equally devoted to environmental and social sustainability. Their packaging is made from biodegradable, organic, and recycled materials, and their shipping partners are energy efficient, and run programs to reduce carbon emissions.

Eileen Mockus, the current CEO, lets the goal of making high-quality products that are respectful to both the people who make them and the planet guide her vision for the company. She grew up around seamstresses, and carried a love of textiles with her through college and on to brands like North Face, Pottery Barn Kids, PB Teen, and Patagonia. Coyuchi is an Aztec-derived word used in Southern Mexico for naturally colored brown cotton — though they mostly source the cotton in their products from a collective of 3,500 family farms in India. They follow the standards set for by the following organizations: USDA Organic, GOTS, Textile Exchange, International Labour Organization, and Fair Trade USA.

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