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Creative Action Network

“We believe that art is the most powerful tool to make change.”

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Company Description

Creative Action Network (CAN) develops a range of physical products, from posters to home goods, featuring designs that support various causes.

Describing themselves as a community of artists and advocates, CAN crowdsources designs and support for its campaigns. The company’s product lines can also be found in major retailers including Target and Amazon. The company donates 10% of profits to non-profit partners, and pays 40% of profits from a given design to the artist who contributed it. All artists maintain ownership of their designs.

CAN traces its roots to Shepherd Fairey’s successful HOPE poster from former President Obama’s 2008 campaign, which inspired artists and designers around the country, including CAN co-founder Aaron Perry-Zucker.  Perry-Zucker and co-founder Max Slavkin launched designforobama.org, inviting political designs to be uploaded, shared, and printed by other artists and supporters around the country. The pair sought to continue this momentum of collaborative art projects beyond the election, and in 2013, they launched the Creative Action Network. In an interview with The Atlantic, Perry-Zucker explained the power behind their medium: “Posters are a practical way for passionate artists to communicate important ideas and play a role in shaping that public sentiment.”

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