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Company Description

CRED produces ethically sourced jewelry.

CRED is a founding member of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and lays claim to many firsts in the world of ethical jewelry. Since 2003 they have partnered with Oro Verde, a mining cooperative in Colombia. Their work together helped establish Fair Trade standards for the gold mining industry. CRED uses 100% Fair Trade gold and silver and has piloted ways to help other producers source responsibly. Their relationship with Oro Verde helps South American minors make necessary infrastructure and education improvements in their communities. CRED is serious about transparency, and you will find extensive information about how they source materials on their website.

CRED was founded as an enterprise to support the work of the CRED Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to Education, Poverty, and Human Rights issues. They strive to achieve their dream of 100% independently certified Fair Trade jewelry.

Price Range

$35 - 18000


Greg Valerio




Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom