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Cuento de Luz

"Stories that take imagination on a journey and promote peace."

cuentodeluz.com/ Certified B-Corporation


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Company Description

Cuento de Luz is a children’s book publisher, for both Spanish and English titles.

Cuento de Luz is committed to preserving the environment: their books are exclusively printed on sustainable stone paper, which is 50% more efficient than tree-based paper. Many of their books are created for nonprofit organizations, such as the What Really Matters Foundation, Cometa Foundation, Vipeika Foundation, Aquila Foundation, and Sobre Ruedas Foundation. Further underscoring their commitment to social engagement, the company also directly supports nonprofits, donating books and providing local translations.

As a company, their focus is on creating stories that foster the imagination, respect differences, and promote piece. The founder, Ana Eulate, had been writing stories since she was a child, and treasured their power for positive change. Cuento de Luz is the recipient of over 60 prizes in the U.S.A., and many more in Spain — based in Madrid, they’re also a proud B Corp member.

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Madrid, Spain