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Company Description

Dapwood Furniture makes customizable solid wood bed frames and other furniture.

All wood used in Dapwood products comes from the United States, sourced from cleared trees (that would otherwise be treated as waste) and from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests. Their products are made to ship modularly, avoiding the heavy carbon impact of freight shipping. This, along with their solid wood construction, makes their pieces easy to repair and damage resistant. Dapwood views their production byproducts not as waste, but as a resource that can be used for good — from donating pieces of wood to schools and charities, chips to local farms for agricultural use. They’re also exploring some exciting and innovative options, like producing carbon-sequestering biochar. Dapwood provides a wealth of information on their business practices, work within their community, safety record, and treatment of employees on their website.

Dapwood believes that natural products are the safest products. They sleep well at night when they are doing their best to protect their customers, employees, and the planet.

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Albequerque, New Mexico, United States