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Dhana Inc.

“Connect humanity through fashion.”

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Company Description

Dhana is a California-based, fair trade and organic clothing brand for men, women, and children.

Dhana’s mission is to unite humanity through fashion, which they accomplish through adhering to ethical and fair trade practices in all their production and sourcing. In addition to sustainable production, the company’s founder, Shamini Dhana, takes her years of experience as a Climate Ride Ambassador and corporate executive in a globalizing world to grow the brand’s impact and to lead discussions on social and environmental practices. Dhana is committed to giving back 5% of their revenues to support nonprofits such as Climate Ride and Brower Youth Awards.

While headquartered in Sausalito, CA, Dhana’s impact extends far beyond their local community. The New York City Green Festival hosted Dhana in 2013, where the company held a public drawing, giving away and selling eco-friendly kidswear.

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