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DL1961 Premium Denim

Changing the way denim is made

DL1961 Premium Denim is an environmentally conscious denim brand DL1961 Premium Denim is an environmentally conscious denim brand


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Company Description

DL1961 Premium Denim produces fashionable jeans and other denim products.

With a focus on technological innovation and conscious sourcing, DL1961 makes their jeans with minimal environmental impact. They carefully track the water, energy, and resource usage on the individual garment level. High tech processes allow them to dye and create wash and wear effects with very little water. By their estimates, fabricating a pair of jeans by traditional processes consumes 1500 gallons of water — DL1961’s process only requires eight. Their plant runs partially on solar power, as well as power from a heat recapturing generator to help offset their carbon impact, and a water recycling system allows them to return 98% of the water they use to municipal drainage. DL1961 uses cotton that complies with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), and their synthetic fibers are cellulose based — so they are renewable and biodegradable.

DL1961 is a family run brand. CEO Meliha Ahmed brings years of experience in denim manufacturing, and her daughters Sarah and Zahra serve as Creative Director and VP of Marketing.

Price Range

$55 - 300


Meliha, Sarah, and Zahra Ahmed




New York, NY, USA